Full Installation Of BlackVue DR900S-2CH And The New Ultra Battery In Audi S3

Although we opened our Video Installation Page a while ago, which features various vehicles being fitted with BlackVue setups, we haven’t had an Audi on there yet!

Thankfully, YouTuber and new BlackVue user Peter, owner of the YouTube Channel Audi S3 Fanatic recently uploaded his own installation video.

In the video, he makes a detailed and thorough installation of the BlackVue DR900S-2CH dashcam paired up with the new Power Magic Ultra Battery (B-124X) in his Audi S3.

He shows how to make a great use of the pry tool always included with BlackVue dashcams. He also hardwires the Ultra Battery (there are two methods of installing the B-124X: plug&play and hardwiring), which allows for a full charge in only 40 minutes!

Make sure to watch the installation video here or by clicking the thumbnail above.

Get your own BlackVue DR900S-2CH here, you can also purchase the Power Magic Ultra Battery here.

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