Four Car Crash, DUI, Hit-And-Run At An Intersection #CaughtOnBlackVue

This video shows a particularly blunt hit-and-run, a crash involving four cars, DUI and dogs running all over a busy intersection! (Spoiler alert for the faint-hearted: the doggos are alright!).

Four cars (and two dogs) involved

BlackVue user (who would like to stay anonymous) shared this footage from his 4K BlackVue dash cam (you can get the DR900X-2CH Plus model here) with us. In the front camera view video we see the driver hitting the car in front of them. Thankfully, he had a dual channel dash cam and the rear camera showed exactly what happened. A white van, coming at a high speed, hit the car behind BlackVue user’s car, which caused a chain reaction. The car the van hit was a Honda Civic and suffered extensive damage to the rear. While the shocked Honda driver got out of his assess the damages, he forgot to close the door – and his two dogs escaped right into the intersection. While everyone was busy trying to round the dogs up to safety, the van driver patiently waited for the light to turn green… and fled the scene!

Valuable dash cam footage

“I was able to get his plate number and provided that to 911. The police were able to stop the van a few blocks away and arrested the driver for DUI and leaving the scene.” BlackVue user told us.

Unfortunately, the car in front of them also left the scene (due to minor damage) and the police left this car off the accident report entirely.

BlackVue user continued: “Our vehicle suffered sensor damage to the front that the insurance of the van driver is wanting to ignore, since the accident report doesn’t mention a car in front of us. We are in the process of trying to get the police report amended to include this information since we have clear video of the entire scene in front of our vehicle, as well as the rear. Without the video (both front and rear), it would just be our word that a car was in front of us!”

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