[Fleet SDK] Development Kit Update Introduces Test Server, Removes NDA Requirement

The BlackVue Fleet SDK (Software Development Kit) allows developers to integrate BlackVue dash cams into various environments. For example, a fleet tracking solution provider could use the Fleet SDK to connect the BlackVue cameras to their on-board telematics devices to transfer or live stream dash cam videos through their existing infrastructure.
However, some developers expressed the wish to connect remotely to the BlackVue dash cams directly.

New Reverse Proxy (RP) Mode and test server

With the recently released Reverse Proxy Mode, developers can connect the BlackVue cameras to their servers directly over the Internet. All that’s required is a compatible BlackVue with the dedicated firmware.

Now, developers interested in implementing this connection method will have access to a test environment. This will allow them to try all the available API features before setting up their own server.

Developers interested in getting their hands on the Fleet SDK can apply here.

What’s next

As of today, we are removing the NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) requirement for new applicants. Upon applying, our Sales representatives will follow up to provide developers with API documentation, pricing and ultimately the Fleet SDK, which includes a dash cam with dedicated firmware, as well as test server URL (for the RP Mode) and configuration files.
Going forward, we plan to streamline the application process and make it possible for anyone with a compatible BlackVue dash cam to install the custom firmware and access our Reverse Proxy test environment.

For more information, visit the Fleet SDK page or contact [email protected].

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