First BlackVue DR750-2CH LTE Review In! Best Dashcam Of 2020?!

It’s been a few days since the release of the highly anticipated BlackVue DR750-2CH LTE, the first 4G LTE BlackVue dashcam model and the first reviews are trickling in!

Ron, also known as EastCoastJeepSRT is a long-time BlackVue user and YouTuber, who recenlty published his video on the DR750-2CH LTE model on his channel.

In the video, he compares the size and design of the new BlackVue DR750-2CH LTE with another dashcam model, the DR900S-2CH (4K UHD BlackVue dashcam). He also goes through some of the new features of the LTE dashcam, the most important of them being the built-in LTE and how to use it. Ron also lets you know what you’ll need to get before you can use it. For more info about the DR750-2CH LTE, we recommend this detailed article as well.

The dashcam was also tested in some extreme temperatures, and Ron was happy to report that the BlackVue DR750-2CH LTE endures the heat without any problems.

The video ends with some side by side comparison of the footage from the DR750-2CH LTE and the 4K BlackVue model (DR900S-2CH).

You can watch the video by clicking here or the thumbnail above!

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