Firmware Update for BlackVue DR650GW-1CH/2CH (version 2.005)

Dear BlackVue users, a firmware update has been released for BlackVue DR650GW-1CH/2CH models.

This update (v2.005) features the following improvements:
1. Video quality improvement (including bitrate up to 10Mbps for the front camera on Highest quality setting).
Note: this is actually higher than the Highest quality setting on the Legacy firmware (8Mbps).
2. Video quality settings added (Normal/High/Highest).
3. Expanded hotspot settings: you can now register up to 3 hotspots for your BlackVue to connect to the Cloud.

When you change the time zone and save the setting, the next time you insert the microSD card into the dashcam it will format the microSD card.

Notes: please use the latest version of S/W after the update as follows:
– BlackvueC app : Android v2.02~ / iOS v2.02~
– PC viewer : Windows v2.51~ / Mac v1.41~

To download the firmware:

With the BlackVue C app:
Use the BlackVue C app and at the home screen, hit the top-left corner icon to open the sliding menu, then go to “Firmware download”.
Once downloaded, connect to your BlackVue from the Wi-Fi menu of your iOS or Android device (default password is blackvue), then in the BlackVue C app, enter the BLACKVUE WIFI menu –> Camera Settings –> Firmware upgrade.

With the BlackVue Viewer for Windows and Mac OS:
Follow the instructions at

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