[Firmware Update] DR750X Plus FW v1.003 adds Seamless Pairing, Mobile Hotspot Function

Dear BlackVue Users,
Coinciding with the release of the new DR900X Plus Series dashcams, we released a firmware update for the DR750X Plus Series models.
Among other things, this update adds two major new features:

  • Seamless Pairing makes it much easier to connect to your BlackVue with the BlackVue App.
  • Mobile Hotspot Function turns your BlackVue into a mobile router when connected to a BlackVue LTE Connectivity Module, so your passengers can connect their laptop, tablet or portable gaming console to the BlackVue and enjoy connectivity on the go.

Models Concerned:

  • DR750X-1CH Plus
  • DR750X-2CH Plus
  • DR750X-2CH IR Plus
  • DR750X-2CH TRUCK Plus

What’s New:

This version introduces new features and feature changes:

  1. Added Seamless Pairing support: connect to your BlackVue directly from the app (no need to connect first from your phone’s Wi-Fi menu).
  2. Added Mobile Hotspot Function support: when the BlackVue LTE Connectivity Module is connected, up to five devices can connect to your BlackVue’s Wi-Fi for internet access.
  3. Firmware settings updates:
    • Removed Night Vision and Brightness settings. Both are optimized automatically.
    • Added Hard acceleration, Hard braking and Hard cornering Event toggles.
    • Improved built-in Battery Protection settings (when hardwiring the dashcam).
      • Cut-off timer: when activated, can now be set freely in 1-hour increments from 1 to 48 hours.        
      • Low voltage cut-off: can now be set freely in 0.1V increments between 11.8 and 12.5V for Passenger Vehicle (12V) and between 22.8 and 24V for Heavy Vehicle (24V).

※ Compatible software versions:
BlackVue App: Android v3.21 / iOS v3.22 and up.
BlackVue Viewer: Windows v3.05 / Mac (SD Card Viewer only) v3.06 and up.
Web Viewer (Cloud only).


Make sure to use the latest versions of the BlackVue Viewer and App for full compatibility with the new firmware.

How to upgrade:

Go to the DOWNLOADS page to access the latest firmware and installation instructions.

With Wi-Fi-compatible models, you can also use the BlackVue App to download the firmware to your mobile device and do a Firmware Over-The-Air upgrade via the BLACKVUE WI-FI menu. Tip: make sure to download the firmware before you connect to your BlackVue in Wi-Fi (since the BlackVue won’t give you the internet connection necessary to download the firmware). If you are already connected to your BlackVue, then disconnect first, download the firwmare, then connect to the BlackVue’s Wi-Fi again.

Share your feedback and suggestions

If you have suggestions for new features and improvements, feel free to join our Community hosted in the BlackVue Help Center.

Thank you!

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