[Firmware Update] DR750S Series Version 1.001

A new firmware (ver. 1.001) for our newest dashcam series, the DR750S Series (DR750S-1CH, DR750S-2CH) is now released. Please check below for details.


  • BlackVue DR750S-1CH
  • BlackVue DR750S-2CH


  1. Improved image clarity.
  2. DAB interference mitigation.
  3. Optimized frame rate for Japan.
    – If you set the language to Japanese, the dashcam will record at 59fps/29.5fps.
  4. New brightness default/recommended setting. We optimized the image for a Brightness setting of 1. We recommend changing Brightness to 1 after performing the upgrade.


Make sure to use the latest versions of the BlackVue Viewer and App for full compatibility when installing a new firmware version.

Go to the DOWNLOADS page to access the latest firmware and installation instructions, or use the BlackVue App to download the firmware to your mobile device and do a Firmware Over-The-Air upgrade via the BLACKVUE WI-FI menu.

How to do an Over-The-Air firmware upgrade



For support, visit our Help Center.


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