[Firmware Update] DR650S (v1.002) and DR650GW (2.007)

Optional updates for Cloud-connected models

Dear BlackVue users, a Cloud-specific firmware update has been released for BlackVue DR650S Series  and DR650GW Series models.


Fix for potential Cloud connectivity issue (rare occurrence).

  • For DR650S-1CH and DR650S-2CH, look for version 1.002.
  • For DR650GW-1CH and DR650GW-2CH, look for version 2.007.

To download and install the firmware:

Using the BlackVue app for iOS/Android:
Tap the icon in the top-left corner, then tap “Firmware Download”, select the right firmware for your BlackVue, then download. Once downloaded, connect to your BlackVue from the Wi-Fi menu of your iOS or Android device (default password is blackvue), then in the BlackVue app, enter the BLACKVUE WI-FI menu then choose “Firmware upgrade”.

Using a Windows or Mac OS computer:
Follow the instructions at

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