[Firmware Update] DR650S Series Version 1.008

A new firmware (ver. 1.008) for the DR650S Series (DR650S-1CH, DR650S-2CH, DR650S-2CH TRUCK, DR650S-2CH IR) is now released. Please check below for details.


  • BlackVue DR650S-1CH
  • BlackVue DR650S-2CH
  • BlackVue DR650S-2CH IR
  • BlackVue DR650S-2CH TRUCK


  • Added voice guidance for Firmware Over The Air (FOTA) upgrade.
  • Single firmware compatible with both Windows and Mac OS (instead of separate versions previously).

This firmware version is designed for compatibility with the updated FOTA upgrade process. FOTA stands for Firmware Over The Air and lets you upgrade the firmware of your BlackVue dashcam over Wi-Fi, with the BlackVue App for iOS/Android. The way it works is pretty simple:
First, download the latest firmware for your dashcam on your phone from the BlackVue App’s Firmware Download menu (swipe from left to right in the Main Menu).
Then connect to your dashcam via your phone’s Wi-Fi menu and go to the BlackVue App’s BLACKVUE WI-FI menu.
In there, tap on the gear icon to access the Firmware Settings and Firmware Upgrade (FOTA) menus.


Make sure to use the latest versions of the BlackVue Viewer and App for full compatibility when installing a new firmware version.

Go to the DOWNLOADS page to access the latest firmware and installation instructions, or use the BlackVue App to download the firmware to your mobile device and do a Firmware Over-The-Air upgrade via the BLACKVUE WI-FI menu.

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