[Firmware Update] DR650S Series Version 1.006

Dear BlackVue User,
We have recently updated the firmware of our DR650S-1CH, DR650S-2CH, DR650S-2CH IR, DR650S-2CH TRUCK (version 1.006) dashcam models. Please check below for details.

What’s New:

Version 1.006:

1) Firmware language integration.

– 12 languages in one (English, Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Russian, Spanish,  Thai, Vietnamese.)

– Language can be selected from the BlackVue App or the BlackVue Viewer.

– When upgrading the firmware, previously installed language is selected by default.

2) Added option to toggle “Impact detected in Parking Mode” voice message alert ON/OFF.

3) Added YouTube Live Support.

Software/App requirements:

* BlackVue Viewer (Win/Mac) v1.08 and over.

* BlackVue App (Android/iOS) v2.58 and over.



Make sure to use the latest versions of the BlackVue Viewer and App for full compatibility when installing a new firmware version.

Go to the DOWNLOADS page to access the latest firmware and installation instructions, or use the BlackVue App to download the firmware to your mobile device and do a Firmware Over-The-Air upgrade via the BLACKVUE WI-FI menu.

For support, visit our Help Center.

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