Fire Truck Equipped With BlackVue Dashcam

BlackVue dashcams are mostly used in passenger cars, trucks or even larger vehicles such as 18-wheelers, but sometimes they find an unusual home in a? fire truck!

BlackVue in a Polish fire truck

Polish Fire Department in Pogorzela (Ochotnicza Straż Pożarna in Pogorzela, Poland) received one BlackVue DR900S-1CH (provided by BlackVue) in May 2020, which was then installed in one of their fire trucks.

The firefighters’ BlackVue dashcam captures various calls they respond to, from fires and fallen trees to accidents on the road. Other than fire-extinguishing, their duty also involves securing accident scenes or removing objects (such as fallen trees, for example) from the road so they don’t pose any danger to passing cars.

Not your typical rescue mission

Recently, the firefighters were involved in a rescue mission that was unusual even for them – it involved a car and a? horse. That evening the local police received a call that a horse is on the loose, running around the village. At some point, while the police were on their way, the horse collided with a motorbike first, and then, one kilometer (approx. 0.6 mile) further down the road, with a car with three people inside (driver + two passengers). 

While the motorbike rider was fine, the car driver’s condition was critical. The firefighters, who arrived at the scene shortly after, performed CPR on him, which ultimately saved his life. The driver was urgently moved to a nearby hospital in a helicopter.

The rescue was recorded on the BlackVue dashcam, and local news  covered the story, praising the firefighters for their exceptional work that day.

For more videos and information, you can check the OSP Pogorzela fire department’s Facebook Page here.

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