Fiery Highway Roll-over #CaughtOnBlackVue

This #CaughtOnBlackVue footage is a perfect example of the right person at the right place!

BlackVue user Lue was on his way to work when a speeding car passed him, leaving a trail of fumes behind them. The vehicle then swerved to the left, bounced off of the guard rail and flipped all the way back across the road. Lue narrowly avoided collision himself – he immediately stopped his vehicle to help the other driver.

You see, Lue is a firefighter and he helped the victim by getting to his truck (which was not only on fire, but also upside down). He was able to pull the driver’s side door open and cut the driver free from his seat belt. The emergency services arrived shortly after and the truck driver was transported to the hospital with only minor injuries, despite the scale of the accident.

The incident was recorded on BlackVue DR650S-1CH, an older single-channel BlackVue dashcam (if you’re looking for its successor, check the DR750S-1CH here).

And you?

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