Extremely Dangerous Truck On Highway Recorded On BlackVue DR750X Plus Series Dash Cam

An example of extremely dangerous driving was captured on a BlackVue dash cam and uploaded to YouTube.

Truck with unsecured load spotted on highway

YouTube channel The Insight District published a video of an incident that happened to a BlackVue DR750X Plus Series dash cam user (you can purchase the DR750X-2CH Plus here). In the footage, we can see a truck driving down a highway with what looks like haphazardly secured load – the load barrier is hanging low and the strap used for securing is dragging on the ground. The BlackVue user tries to warn the other driver multiple times, signaling for him to stop.

Dangerous retaliation

Hovewer, the truck driver misunderstood the BlackVue user’s intentions, probably thinking that it’s a case of road rage. Instead of driving off though, they seemingly decided to retaliate by cutting the BlackVue user off. At the end of the video we see them indicating they want to leave the highway… just to drive past the exit as soon as they noticed the BlackVue user is not exiting either! That was followed by the most dangerous stunt yet – at the last minute they cut across the grass, losing things along the way as they get to the other side.

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