Why Everyone Should Get A Dash​​​​cam

There are many reasons to get a dashcams and many have written about it – but nothing says more than a testimonial from an actual dashcam user. This is why share Caught on BlackVue footage sent to us by our customers. And this is how Scott Hanselman tries to convince his readers on his blog on why everyone should get a dashcam

He’s an owner of the BlackVue DR750S-2CH and in the short period since the installation, the dashcam came in handy twice! Once he was a witness to an accident and the BlackVue footage “made everything 100% easier” according to the police. The other time he was actually involved in an accident when someone rear-ended him on an intersection. The video pulled from his Blackvue dashcam sped up the insurance claim – the whole process was truly a breeze.

You can read about Scott’s (and his wife, who has an older BlackVue DR650S-2CH model) experience here on his blog.

You can purchase the BlackVue DR750S-2CH dual-channel, Cloud dashcam model here in our online store.

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