[Event Recap] 2023 Ignitis ON EV Race X BlackVue Dash Cameras

BlackVue LTE dash cams were used in the only EV rally competitions in the Baltics (Europe) this year, “Ignitis ON: Discover Lithuania!”. All 33 electric vehicles participating in the event were equipped with BlackVue DR970X-2CH LTE and DR750X-2CH LTE Plus dash cams. Like last year, fans and electric vehicle enthusiasts could follow their favorite teams at all times thanks to the BlackVue dash cams broadcasting live.

About the race

Ignitis is an electric vehicle charging solution provider based in Vilnius, Lithuania. It provides charging solutions to individuals and businesses throughout the country as well as Poland, Latvia, Estonia and Finland through its subsidiaries.

Its Ignitis ON electric vehicle charging service is the largest fast-charging station network in Lithuania.

Since 2014, Ignitis has sponsored the only EV rally competition in the Baltics, which comprise Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. Year 2023 welcomed the 9th edition of the rally. The main goal of the race is to drive the longest distance within six hours. Drivers must manage their vehicles efficiently so as to cover as much distance as possible without depleting their battery too fast, all while adhering to traffic laws and speed limits. 

As global interest for electric vehicles increased, the event grew from a race between a few friends to a competition where the major brands in the EV industry are now represented.

New for 2023

For the 9th edition of the race, the starting point was moved to the center of the Vilnius. Also, for the first time, the race featured both an electric truck (Volvo FH Electric) and an electric motorcycle (Energica Eva Ribelle).
The finish line was also changed to Lithuania’s port city of Klaipeda, where participants were invited to enjoy electric boats.

As per the organizers, the goals are to:

  • Demonstrate the viability of electric cars as a main mode of transport.
  • Advocate for the expansion of the electric car infrastructure.
  • Promote the adoption of environmentally friendly modes of transport.

To get a better feel for the event, check out our YouTube Playlist:

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