Driver Loses Control, Crashes Hard #CaughtOnBlackVue

This footage captured by one of the older BlackVue dash cam models (DR380G-HD) was sent to us by Nick, who shared his shocking story with us.

Hit and spin

“I was travelling home from a business trip in London back to the farm in West Wales when passing Cardiff.” Nick told us.

“I could see the cars in front of me bunching up so I eased off to give some space. Then I saw that the Citroen in front of me suddenly seemed to brake hard. The driver lost control and hit the central reservation, spinning around and coming to a halt in the outside lane.”

The driver of the blue Citroen was lucky that she didn’t hit any of the cars from the oncoming traffic. Unfortunately, despite braking hard, Nick’s Range Rover hit the Citroen after running over its front wheel which had become detached and lifted Nick’s car up. That meant he no longer had any front brakes. Nick’s vehicle was showered in bits of metal from the exploding engine along with various engine fluids resulting in a signifcant respray.

The accident caused a 9-mile long traffic jam around Cardiff. After arriving at the scene, he emergency serviced had to cut the roof off of the Citroen. Thankfully, the driver was quickly discharged from the hospital with no major injuries.

BlackVue proves it wasn’t his fault

When it came to claiming on the insurance the Citroen driver blamed Nick for hitting her from behind – which in turn caused her to spin. Thanks to the footage we – and the police, and then the insurance company knew this was not the case.

Nick added, “When the police attended, they spotted I had a dash cam and requested the footage so they took the SD Card – that complicated the insurance matters because despite the police issuing a report to state I was not at fault (having reviewed the footage) the other driver’s insurance company still tried to insist I was at fault. It took a few months to get the SD card back from the police but once I had that, my insurance company were able to fight the claim. It did take nearly 9 months to resolve the issue, but mainly due to not having the footage which is much easier now with my newer BlackVue dash cam and its Cloud backup option.”

Nick has been using another older BlackVue dash cam ever since – the DR650GW-2CH, which came out in 2014! It was the first BlackVue model that added the Cloud feature.

“The dash cam really did save me a headache with the insurance company and the police – I would likely have ended up taking responsibility for that accident!”

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