Driver Doesn’t Give Way, Gets T-Boned #CaughtOnBlackVue

This dash cam footage is an example of how important it is to remember basic traffic rules how to behave at an intersection!

Meant to give way

The accident happened in the suburb of Sydney, Australia. BlackVue dash cam user Paula, who is a registered nurse, was driving to work for her night shift. She approached an intersection, noticing that the car in front of her was behaving a bit strangely. It stopped almost at the intersection, so Paula decided to reverse a bit, as she had a bad feeling about the situation.

“As we were both turning right, the lights will only give a green arrow to turn when the intersection allows the other traffic at the crossroads to turn left. Therefore, when turning right and no green arrow is present you are meant to give way for the oncoming traffic,” Paula explained.

Immediately T-boned

The car in front was probably unaware of the give way rule and they turned right? straight into the oncoming traffic!

The silver car didn’t give way and turned directly into the oncoming traffic – and was T-Boned as a result. Paula decided to pull over and render assistance – unfortunately the passenger of the SUV which hit the silver car sustained some injuries. Just in case the victims needed the evidence of what happened for the police or their insurance company, Paula’s BlackVue recorded everything clearly, even though it was a pretty dark night!

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