Driver Crashes Into 4K-pound Art Piece In Las Vegas #CaughtOnBlackVue

Footage recorded by the BlackVue DR900S-2CH made rounds in the Las Vegas news this week!

BlackVue customer BJ shared the video recorded by his BlackVue dashcam with us – and with the local police.

In the video, BJ is waiting at the intersection when a black SUV speeds through on the right, crashing right into a 4K-pound art piece, one of the two installed on the median. The car then continued on and struck a nearby Chipotle restaurant. After the sculpture was hit, it rolled over another vehicle waiting at the intersection.

Thankfully, the police say there were no injuries. Additionally, driver of the SUV passed a field sobriety test and was cited for improper turn and failure to use due car.

The damage is unknown at this point, as the artist Luis Valera-Rico has to assess it.

The story was covered by various local news outlets, such as FOX News, Las Vegas Review Journal and KTNV Las Vegas (click on the links to read and watch the coverage).

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