Driver At Fault Denies Culpability, Exposed By Dash Cam #CaughtOnBlackVue

In majority of cases, rear-end accidents are ruled to be the fault of the driver behind, but� what if said driver argues their case and tries to convince the police they are not at fault?

Distracted driver causes rear-end accident

This kind of situation happened to BlackVue user Rachel. Although this incident happened a few years ago, it’s still a good reminder how important it is to have a dash cam in your car. She was driving on an exit ramp in New York in quite heavy traffic. The driver of a Toyota minivan behind her was momentarily distracted (looking for something under his dash) and crashes into her vehicle. He then proceeded to get out and claim that the BlackVue user stopped short and that’s why he crashed into her.

Fault denied, fault confirmed

Rachel called the police and showed them the BlackVue dash cam footage, in which the distracted driver could be seen. The police chuckled and said that “they need to buy a dash cam pronto”. The repair cost was paid in full by the other driver’s insurance – Blackvue saved the day!

Don’t wait until AFTER something happens. You never know what awaits you on the road. Get your dash cam today here.

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