DR970X Plus, DR970X LTE Plus and DR970X Box Plus Series Cables and Accessories Compatibility FAQ

For users curious whether cables, mounts and other accessories of the new 4K Plus models are compatible with previous models, here is an article diving into the most frequently asked questions.

This article will help you answer some of the frequently asked questions related to cables and accessories compatibility for the DR970X Plus, DR970X LTE Plus and the yet to be released DR970X Box Plus (coming in February) models.

TLDR: you can reuse everything from previous models except for the front camera mounts, which, depending on the inclination of your windshield, might need replacing with the new ones so that the bigger lens doesn’t get in contact with your windshield.

Cable compatibility

Power cables

All models are compatible with the previous X and X Plus Series models, but not with the power cables from models prior (DR650S, DR750S, DR900S, etc.) or the DR750-2CH LTE and DR750X-2CH LTE Plus.

The DR970X Plus models (Cloud/LTE/Box versions), like other cameras, include both a 12V power adapter (cigarette lighter power adapter), for easy installation, and a hardwiring cable to connect the cameras to the fuse box of your vehicle for 24/7 protection with Parking Mode.

12V auxiliary power adapter (cigarette lighter type)
Hardwiring cable

Since the X Series (DR590X, DR750X, DR900X), the power adapters have changed to “3-wire type”, to support direct hardwiring and take advantage of the camera’s built-in voltage monitor. The same 3-wire type power adapters are also used in the newest dash cam models, which means they can be reused. This also means the power cables from older BlackVue dash cams (such as the S Series as well as past built-in LTE models) cannot be used.

Dashcam Models 3-wire Power Cables (for ignition-based Parking Mode support) 2-wire Power Cables (G-sensor-based Parking Mode support only)
DR970X Plus Series
DR970X LTE Plus Series
DR970X Box Plus Series
DR970X Series
DR970X LTE Series
DR770X Series
DR770X LTE Series
DR770X Box Series
DR900X, DR900X Plus
DR750X, DR750X Plus
DR750X LTE Plus
DR900S, DR750S
DR590W, DR590

Video cables

Compatible with any past BlackVue coaxial cable.
The coaxial video cables are identical to the older S (ie. DR900S), X (ie. DR750X) and X Plus (ie. DR900X Plus) Series.
Note that DR590X, DR590W and DR590 models use different types of video cables (analog / phone TRRS jack type).

Coaxial Video Cable for BlackVue DR650S-2CH, DR650GW-2CH, DR470-2CH, DR430-2CH

Mount compatibility

The front cameras of the 4K Plus models feature a larger lens than their predecessors. Therefore, the new models’ front camera mounts were redesigned to account for that change while still allowing full rotation of the camera.

Parking Mode accessories compatibility

Same as past models.
The 4K Plus dash cams support both G-sensor-based (when connected via 12V auxiliary?cigarette lighter type?power adapter) and ignition-based Parking Mode (when hardwired). All these models support the Power Magic batteries (Battery Pack (B-112) and Ultra Battery (B-130X)). If you have a Power Magic Pro hardwiring kit (discontinued) installed in your vehicle, you can still use it with the new models as well.

Rear and interior camera compatibility

Compatible with DR970X, DR770X, DR900X Plus, DR750X Plus rear cameras.
That includes: Rear cams (RC110F, RC1), Interior IR cams (RC110F-IR, RC1-IR), Truck rear cams (ERC110F, ERC1).
Rear cameras prior to these models won’t be supported.

Tamper-proof Case compatibility

The DR970X Plus and DR970X LTE Plus are not compatible with past Tamper-Proof Cases. Dedicated Tamper-Proof Cases will be released at a later time.
The DR970X Box Plus models include built-in tamper-proofing by default, with a lock-protected main unit as well as screw-locked camera mounts.

We hope this article answers your questions, but feel free to visit the BlackVue Help Center for any additional inquiry or support on our products and services.

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