DR900S-2CH & Ultra Battery Install & Review by Uber Man

YouTuber Uber Man (June 26 update: now renamed Auto Auction Rebuilds) recently spent some time with the DR900S-2CH and Power Magic Ultra Battery

As a Uber/Lyft driver, he installed the dashcam with the rear camera facing the interior of the vehicle, towards the driver/passengers. 

Note that BlackVue also has a special purpose model for taxi and ride-hailing drivers: the DR750S-2CH IR, which uses an interior-facing secondary camera with infrared LED lights. However, the regular DR900S-2CH includes a rear camera with high low-light sensitivity (and a Sony STARVIS™ sensor) which can work fine in most situations, as long as there is a bit of ambient light available. 

This video goes over the installation of both the DR900S-2CH and the Power Magic Ultra Battery (B-124), and also includes sample videos and Uber Man’s review of the product. Hint: he liked the dashcam. From the 4K resolution to the ability to capture detailed footage day and night, the Driver/YouTuber was impressed by the DR900S-2CH.

This is a great camera. Period.

Where to buy the DR900S-2CH right now?

The BlackVue Online Store is currently out of stock (DR900S-1CH is available, however).
If you are looking to get your hands on a DR900S-2CH, please check with your local distributor. 
The list of distributors is available here:

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