DR900S-2CH Review – Best Discrete 4K Dual Dashcam

This review, while only slightly over 10 minutes, is packed with information about the BlackVue DR900S-2CH 4K UHD dashcam model.

Before you watch the video, make sure to take a look at the DR900S-2CH page for specifications!

The reviewer at Tech4All YouTube channel goes through every detail – from the packaging, design, specifications (such as the codec used for video compression, field of view and many more) to footage sample (both front and rear) and image quality. According to the review, the DR900S-2CH could be easily called “a mobile, super-smart surveillance system”.

It’s a comprehensive video review that is a must-watch for everyone still hesitating if they should buy the DR900S-2CH or another BlackVue dashcam model.

Watch the video by clicking here or on the thumbnail above.

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