DR900S-2CH Long Term Review (Including Cloud Features)

If you’re still debating which BlackVue dashcam to get, this video is for you.

Long-time BlackVue user Ron, known as EastCoastJeepSRT on YouTube, uploaded a comprehensive review of the setup he has installed in his vehicle – the DR900S-2CH (purchase here) with the Power Magic Ultra Battery (purchase here).

Ron also goes through some of the main features of the dashcam, including Cloud features such as the Live View or the Two-Way Communication, Parking Mode, Wi-Fi settings and more. 

He also gives an honest overview for those undecided if they should get the DR900S-2CH or DR750S-2CH (purchase here), another BlackVue Cloud dashcam. Take a look at Ron’s video and decide for yourself!

Watch the video here or by clicking the thumbnail above.

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