[DR900S-2CH] Firmware 1.013 Failed Update Issue Fix

Dear DR900S-2CH Users,
An early version of the firmware version 1.013 for DR900S-2CH dated May 10 caused the update to fail. Other models’ firmware released that day were not affected.
If you are among the early users who tried to update their DR900S-2CH using the microSD card method, you may have encountered this issue.
First, we want to apologize for the inconvenience and would also like to reassure you that your dashcam is probably not “bricked”.
In fact, there is a simple workaround.
Note that current Zip archives are working fine so if you have not updated yet, or you updated via Wi-Fi Direct or over the Cloud, you can ignore this article.


DR900S-2CH firmware version 1.013 manual update (using computer and microSD card) does not apply properly.
Note that this issue did not affect Firmware Over The Air (or FOTA, using Wi-Fi) or over the Cloud upgrades.


The Zip archive contained three folders (System, Record, Config) instead of the usual “BlackVue” folder. In the absence of a BlackVue folder, the dashcam cannot proceed to the upgrade.


  1. In the root of the microSD card, create a new folder named BlackVue.
  2. Move the three folders (System, Record, Config) to the BlackVue folder you just created.
    From here, follow the usual steps:
  3. Insert the microSD card into the dashcam.
  4. Power up the dashcam.
  5. The dashcam will proceed to the firmware upgrade.

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