DR750-2CH LTE Review by Vortex Radar

It’s been a couple of weeks since the release of the long-awaited first 4G LTE BlackVue dashcam. DR750-2CH LTE reviews are trickling in, and following EastCoastJeepSRT’s take, today we’d like to show you another one!

Vortex Radar is a YouTube channel testing and reviewing various tech gadgets – mostly radar detectors, but also dashcams. Recently, a new video review of the BlackVue DR750-2CH LTE has been published on the channel. You can watch the review here (or by clicking the thumbnail above).

The channel owner, Ariel, is a long-time user of BlackVue dashcams – he reviewed almost all of BlackVue previous models before. In this over 18-minute-long video he goes into detail when it comes to the DR750-2CH LTE new features, differences with its predecessors and more.

If you live in the US, you won’t want to miss the part where he goes over the SIM card setup (required for the LTE feature to work). He explains what kind of plans you should get among the various data plans available in the US, including pricing.

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