DR650S Series vs DR650GW Series Comparison

Updated: August 10, 2016.

As the DR650S Series (single and dual-channel) models enter the market, many DR650GW Series users and potential buyers have asked about the differences between the two. This post aims at clearing things up!

Image quality

The newer DR650S Series and the DR650GW Series are very close in terms of specifications. Since the release of the Cloud Firmware version 2.005 for DR650GW Series, image quality settings and available bitrates are identical.

Both series support up to 10Mbps (front) and 5Mbps (rear) bitrates.


Both share the same form factor and quality materials. The difference is in the inscription printed on the front camera: the DR650GW Series reads “BLACKVUE WI-FI / Full HD” and the DR650S Series reads “BLACKVUE CLOUD / Full HD”.

Packaging: the packaging box of the DR650S Series has been totally redesigned to minimize its size while enhancing its premium feel, with high quality and eco-friendly materials.


DR650GW Cloud-compatible models and DR650S models share the same Wi-Fi module.

The main differences are as follow:

DR650GW Series DR650S Series
Proximity sensor (on side of front camera) function. Manual Recording Trigger Audio Recording ON/OFF
Rear Camera Controls (For dual-channel models) NO 180° image rotation, Security LED ON/OFF, Recording ON/OFF, Power ON/OFF
Event Parking Mode recordings voice notification upon ignition. NO YES
Video Recording Time 1 minute (fixed) 1 / 2 / 3 Minutes


Cloud Connectivity

Both DR650GW and DR650S Series are compatible with BlackVue Cloud*. Download the BlackVue C app for iOS and Android to change the settings of your dashcam and enjoy BlackVue Cloud.

(*) Older DR650GW-2CH models (Manufactured before April 2015) may require an upgrade of the Wi-Fi module for Cloud compatibility.

What about DR650GW Series with Legacy Firmware?

We still support the DR650GW Legacy Firmware. This firmware was developed before the DR650GW Series were upgraded to support the Cloud, and as such, does not support BlackVue Cloud.

Current differences between DR650GW Cloud Firmware (version and Legacy Firmware (version are as follows:

DR650GW Legacy Firmware ( DR650GW Cloud Firmware (
Proximity sensor function (on side of front camera). Audio Recording ON/OFF Manual Recording Trigger
Video Recording Time 1 / 2 / 3 Minutes 1 Minute (fixed)
Video Max. Bitrate 8Mbps (Front)/3Mbps (Rear) 10Mbps (Front)/5Mbps (Rear)


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