DR650S-2CH IR – Best Dashcam For Uber and Lyft Drivers?

YouTuber Chad9976 has published a review of BlackVue DR650S-2CH IR worth taking a look at if you’re an Uber/Lyft driver!

As Chad mentions in the video, he did actually pay for his camera but found it so great that he went on and made a review of it.

The reviewer praises the BlackVue dashcam for four main points:

  1. It’s a dual-channel camera with great image quality, which means it records front and inside of your car simultaneously, in full HD (HD for the interior camera).
  2. The interior camera has infrared night vision (Chad even included a comparison with the iPhone 7 for reference).
  3. With the Power Magic Pro, it’s Parking Mode ready – BlackVue will record even if the car engine is off.
  4. Cloud services and GPS.

For more detailed review and sample videos provided by the YouTuber, head over to his channel HERE or click on the thumbnail above.

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