DR650GW Series Firmware Version 2.003 Available for Download

Dear BlackVue DR650GW Series users, the new firmware addresses key issues you may have encountered when using BlackVue Cloud, so we highly recommend to install this update if you are concerned.

The new DR650GW Series firmware (version 2.003) brings the following changes:

This version adds:
1. Time Zone defaulted to ‘Pacific/Midway Islands’: make sure to update the Time Zone as required.
2. Fixed issue where users could not retrieve video file list from 128GB microSD cards via BlackVue Cloud.
3. Fixed issue where “Cloud access failed” voice message was repeated when out of range of Wi-Fi hotspot.
4. Stability improvements.

The firmware is available in two versions:

2-Channel version: for DR650GW-2CH, DR650GW-2CH TRUCK, DR650GW-2CH IR.
1-Channel version: for DR650GW-1CH.

To download the firmware:

With the BlackVue C app:
Use the BlackVue C app and at the home screen, hit the top-left corner icon to open the sliding menu, then go to “Firmware download”.
Once downloaded, connect to your BlackVue from the Wi-Fi menu of your iOS or Android device (default password is blackvue), then in the BlackVue C app, enter the BLACKVUE WIFI menu �> Camera Settings �> Firmware upgrade.

With the BlackVue Viewer for Windows and Mac OS:
Follow the instructions at

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