DR650GW-2CH and Power Magic Pro Install on BMW E39 M5

Interesting install video by YouTuber and BMW E39 M5 owner E39Source!

The video goes in details on how to hardwire and install the BlackVue DR650GW-2CH.

After watching this, you should have no problem doing an installation on your own vehicle!

A few notes however:
1. Power Magic Pro: in the video, the author only uses some of the cables included in the PMP package and leaves off the PMP itself, saying they only need the dashcam to run when ignition is ON. However, this is actually the function of the switch on the PMP (enabling/disabling Parking Mode recording). We hope the author can give it a try later on.

2. Front cam: for optimal view angle, it’s recommended to install the dashcam with the lens right in the top center of the windshield (behind the rear view mirror).

3. Firmware: the firmware used here seems to be 1.009 (legacy).

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