DR590-DR590W-2CH IR Taxi Dash Cams Now Available

Simple Taxi Dash​cams

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BlackVue recently made available for sale the DR590W-2CH IR and DR590-2CH IR Taxi dashboard cameras. 

Those models are ideal for taxi or Uber/Lyft drivers looking for simple dash​cams capable of monitoring the front and interior of their vehicle day and night. 

Both cameras record in Full HD 1080p. The front camera features a Sony STARVISâ„¢ image sensor and the interior camera has a luminosity sensor that triggers two infrared LEDs when ambient light is low. The infrared interior camera captures clear videos even in pitch black lighting conditions. The infrared LEDs are discreet enough that they won’t distract either driver or passengers, as their light is practically invisible to the eye. 

Note that if you would like to add speed and location data to your videos, you should purchase the additional external GPS receiver. 

A few tips to install the interior infrared camera

The interior camera can be installed in any way you want. Note, however, that it is designed to monitor the interior of the vehicle. We don’t recommend installing it facing outside, as the LED lights will reflect on the windshield and make the image look actually less clear than with a non-IR camera.

The interior camera mount is the same as the regular rear camera mounts and can be positioned with the “Full HD” scriptures facing either inside or outside. Just pull on the mount along the camera’s axis to remove it.

Meanwhile, the interior camera view can be rotated 180 degrees via the camera settings. The default placement is with the light sensor up–see image below:



DR590W-2CH vs DR590-2CH IR

The major difference between the two models is the presence of a built-in Wi-Fi module in the “W” version DR590W-2CH IR. Wi-Fi allows users to connect to the dash​cam with the free BlackVue App to change settings, adjust camera angle and download videos to your phone.



STARVIS is a trademark of Sony Corporation. 

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