DR900X Plus Firmware – Russian

DR900X Plus Firmware – Russian

Version 1.014
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Create Date September 6, 2021
Last Updated April 1, 2024
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This is the firmware for BlackVue DR900X Plus Series (1CH and 2CH models).
Platforms: Windows / Mac OS X

For installation, follow the firmware installation instructions at

What's New:

Version 1.014 (2024-04-01):

  1. Added Cloud Battery support. Pair your B-124X or B-130X with your Cloud-connected BlackVue to view battery levels and receive low-battery alerts.
  2. Bug fixes and stability improvements.

※ Compatible software versions:
BlackVue App: Android v3.56/ iOS v3.51 and up.
BlackVue Viewer: Windows v3.17 / Mac v3.17 and up.
BlackVue Web Viewer (Cloud)



Make sure to use the latest versions of the BlackVue Viewer and App for full compatibility when installing a new firmware version.

How to upgrade:

With the BlackVue App, you can easily update the firmware from the Camera menu. Tap the three-dot icon "..."? next to your camera's name, then tap on "Remote firmware update".

For a manual installation, go to the DOWNLOADS page to access the latest firmware and installation instructions.


Update Logs:

Version 1.013 (2024-01-02):

  1. Fixed an issue where files saved in camera could not be played or downloaded from the Cloud under certain conditions.
  2. Fixed an issue where the dash cam would reboot intermittently.
  3. Various bug fixes and system stability improvements.

Version 1.012 (2023-05-30):

  1. Fixed Cloud video playback issues that prevented recorded video thumbnails from loading and caused playback failure.
  2. Fixed a Cloud Live View issue where GPS location and speed would intermittently not display properly.

Version 1.011 (2023-05-11):

  1. Fixed an issue where the camera would reboot after an Event beep is continuously output more than a certain number of times.
  2. Fixed an issue where the camera would reboot when using Cloud Live View at a specific time.
  3. Improved Cloud connection stability.

Version 1.010 (2023-04-20):

Version 1.009 (2022-08-08):

  1. Voice Call feature support.
    Voice call replaces Two-Way Voice Communication and allows for seamless voice communication between the BlackVue dashcam and the BlackVue App or Web Viewer.
  2. Drowsiness Tracking Graph support (for models with DMC200 driver monitoring camera).
    Easily visualize drowsiness patterns in the Web Viewer.
  3. Live View stability improvement
  4. Live Event Upload improvement (server-side)
  5. Driving Report interface improvement
  6. Compatible iOS versions: iOS 13 and up

Version 1.008 (2022-05-11):

  1. Reckless driving function improvements:
    • Added sensitivity settings for Hard acceleration, Hard braking, and Hard cornering.
    • Speeding notifications UI/UX improvements.
  2. Web Viewer push notifications UI/UX improvements:
    • Separated DMS push notifications from the other push notifications.
  3. Added push notification in case of "Drowsy-2" status detection (for models with DMC200).
  4. Bug fixes and stability improvements.

Version 1.007 (2022-04-08):

Fixed an issue where the proximity sensor on the side of the camera would trigger by itself upon powering up.

Version 1.006 (2022-04-06):

Added DMC200 support.

Version 1.005 (2022-03-02):

  1. Fixed an issue that would sometimes cause crashes during Time lapse Parking Mode recording.
  2. Fixed an issue that would in rare cases cause a crash during Scheduled Reboot.
  3. Fixed an issue where the dashcam would sometimes record an incorrect file name when the real-time clock (RTC) battery was discharged.
  4. Fixed an issue where the dashcam would sometimes enter Parking Mode immediately after booting.

Version 1.004 (2022-01-18):

  1. Fixed issue where the dashcam would format the microSD card upon startup.
  2. Bug fixes and stability improvements.

Version 1.003 (2021-12-09):

  1. This version adds a Seamless Pairing ON/OFF toggle.
    You can find it under Firmware settings >> System tab >> Seamless pairing.
  2. Added firmware language support: Korean.

Version 1.001 and 1.002: non-public releases.

Version 1.000 (2021-09-06):

  1. Resolution/Frame Rate
    • Front : 4K UHD (3840x2160) / 30fps
    • Rear  : Full HD (1920x1080) / 30fps
  2. Video Codec : H.264 (AVC)
  3. Image Quality :  Highest Extreme (bitrate 25MB/sec)
  4. Time Lapse Recording in Parking Mode.
  5. Event file overwrite protection support.
  6. Built-in battery protection function
    • Timer or low voltage cut-off
  7. Wi-Fi Built-in : 802.11 b.g.n (2.4/5.0 GHz)
  8. GPS Built-in : Dual Band (GPS/GLONASS)
  9. Adaptive format free file management system.
  10. Max 256GB Micro SD Card support.
  11. LTE communication with optional BlackVue LTE Connectivity Module.


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