DR490-2CH Firmware English / Chinese / Japanese / Russian

DR490-2CH Firmware English / Chinese / Japanese / Russian

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Create DateJune 28, 2017
Last UpdatedSeptember 7, 2022
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Note: this firmware is Windows and Mac OS-compatible


Version 1.1.476:
1. Adds possibility to choose time zone in 30 minutes increments.
2. Fixes an issue where the dashcam would take longer than usual to exit Parking Mode or turn on Parking Mode while driving in very slow traffic.

[Firmware Upgrade Guide]

  1. Visit the BlackVue Downloads page at www.blackvue.com/downloads.
  2. On the Downloads page, download the latest firmware for your BlackVue DR490-2CH dashcam.
  3. Unzip the downloaded firmware (zip file).

※ CAUTION: The next step will ask you to format the microSD card. Before doing so, please backup any files present on the microSD card, as the formatting will erase them.

  1. Insert the BlackVue microSD card into your computer and format it (FAT32 format).
  2. Copy the file “bb_dr490-2ch.bin” to the formatted microSD card.
  3. Insert the microSD card into the dashcam and turn it on to start applying the upgrade.
  4. After completing upgrade, your BlackVue will boot up and start recording.



※ The microSD card must be formatted in FAT32 format (Note: the BlackVue Viewer formats in FAT32 format).
※ After upgrading the firmware, please use the latest version of the BlackVue Viewer to ensure compatibility.

Update logs:

Version 1.1.398:

  • This is the first firmware update for DR490-2CH.

Version 1.1.376:

  • This is the first firmware release for DR490-2CH.

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