BlackVue Viewer Pro – Windows (1.12)


BlackVue Viewer Pro – Windows (1.12)

Version 1.12
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Create Date April 14, 2017
Last Updated February 21, 2022
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Compatible with Windows only.
BlackVue Viewer Pro requires an active BlackVue Fleet Tracking account to use fleet-specific functions such as Multi Live View, 90-day GPS Tracking History and Geo-fencing.
Check the BlackVue Fleet Tracking page for more information.

What's new in this version:

Version 1.12:
Added support for BlackVue DR900S & DR750S Series models features introduced with firmware 1.010 (DR750S) and 1.004 (DR900S).

  • Parking Mode settings:
    • New Time Lapse recording setting (Go to Firmware > Basic > Recording > Parking mode recording > choose Time lapse).
    • Added Motion detection region setting for Motion & Impact detection mode (Go to Firmware > Sensitivity > Advanced settings)
  • Rear camera "Mirror video" setting (Go to Firmware > Basic > Recording > Rear camera orientation > choose Mirror video).


Supported dashcam models

Supported Models Supported Versions
DR900S-1/2CH All Firmware Versions
DR750S-1/2CH All Firmware Versions
DR650S-1/2CH All Firmware Versions
DR650GW-1/2CH All Firmware Versions

Note: Cloud and fleet-specific functionalities are only available for Cloud-compatible models.

About BlackVue Viewer Pro

BlackVue Viewer Pro is a dedicated Windows-compatible viewer for BlackVue Fleet Tracking users.
BlackVue Viewer supports all the latest BlackVue models and is compatible with BlackVue Over the Cloud.
For compatibility with older models, check the BlackVue Legacy Viewer on
Note: this Viewer contains two applications in one. You can switch between SD Card Viewer and BlackVue Viewer Pro anytime.

  • The SD Card Viewer lets you view recorded videos from your microSD card and modify the settings of your BlackVue, as well as format the card.
  • The BlackVue Viewer Pro lets you enjoy BlackVue Over the Cloud and exclusive BlackVue Fleet Tracking features.

Any user with a BlackVue Fleet Tracking account can log in and enjoy:

  • Multi Live View : monitor up to four dashcams simultaneously.
  • GPS Tracking History : access GPS data up to 90 days back.
    GPS data can be exported in .xls format or printed out directly.
  • Geo-fencing: set up geo-fences and receive real-time alerts on your phone.
  • Live Notifications: pushed to your phone or the Viewer Pro (based on the last device you logged in with).
  • Email notifications: in addition to Live notifications, receive important alerts by email. Two additional email addresses (on top of your Cloud account email) can be set to receive Email notifications.

Important: you must log in with a BlackVue Fleet Tracking Account to access fleet-specific functions such as Multi Live View, GPS Tracking History and Geo-fencing. A regular BlackVue Cloud Account won't give access to those features. You can upgrade your regular BlackVue Cloud account to BlackVue Fleet Tracking for a free 7-day trial on the dedicated page at


Update log:

Version 1.11:
Enhanced Privacy Controls: 
To access: BlackVue Cloud > Camera settings (vertical elipsis next to your dashcam's name) > Privacy tab.
The settings are as follow: 

  • Share BlackVue location publicly (NEW)
  • Share BlackVue Live View video publicly
  • Share BlackVue Live View audio publicly
  • Share BlackVue camera name publicly

Additionally, you can now easily toggle allowing the BlackVue App and Viewer access to your dashcam's GPS data. 
Note that if you don't allow access to your dashcam's GPS data, you will still be able to use Remote Live View but won't be able to see your dashcam's location on the Map. 
However, your BlackVue will still record GPS data locally (on the microSD card). 
Version 1.10:
1) EU GDPR Update (BlackVue Viewer Pro).
- Added "Delete account" function (under Account > Account settings > Delete account).
- Updated Privacy Policy.
2) Added BlackVue Newsletter subscription opt-in popup showing when creating a new Cloud account.
3) Live Auto-upload changes (Cloud feature):
- Name changed to "Event Auto-upload".
- Event Auto-upload menu moved to Camera settings>Event Auto-upload settings.
4) Added email notification function (BlackVue Viewer Pro)
This feature requires an active Fleet Tracking account.
To configure it: Account > Account settings > E-mail notifications.
This feature can also be configured in the BlackVue App (version 2.73 and up) if you log in with an active Fleet Tracking account.
5) When language is set to Japanese, default settings are modified as below:
- Time zone: GMT +9, Front Security LED OFF (Normal & Parking mode), Rear Security LED OFF, Wi-Fi LED OFF.
Concerned models: DR750S-1CH, DR750S-2CH, DR900S-1CH, DR900S-2CH.
Version 1.08, 1.09: no public release.
Version 1.07:

  1. Added front camera 180-degree image rotation function in the dashcam settings.
    Compatible models and firmware versions:
    - DR650S-1CH/2CH FW v1.012 and up.
    - DR750S-1CH/2CH FW v1.005 and up.
  2. In case firmware language is set to Japanese, Security and Wi-Fi LED lights will be turned off by default and default time zone set to GMT+9.
    Model and firmware concerned:
    - DR750S-2CH FW v1.005 and up.

Version 1.06:

  • Added support for DR590 and DR590W Series (SD Card Viewer mode only).
  • Added Live Auto-upload support: 
    Compatible models:
    - DR750S Series with Firmware v1.004 and up.
    - DR650S Series with Firmware v1.011 and up.

Version 1.05:

  • Added support for BlackVue Over the Cloud In-App Subscription Plans.
  • Support for DR750S Series Firmware v1.003 new features:
    -  Extreme Mode (25 Mbps).
    -  Enhanced Night Vision (Parking Mode only option).
    -  Wi-Fi Auto Turn On (On/Off).
  • Support for DR650S Series Scheduled Reboot function.

Version 1.04:

  • Added Live Notifications for:
    • Dashcam-related alerts (impact, Cloud connection/disconnection, etc.).
    • Geo-fence alerts.
  • When receiving a Live Notification:
    • A temporary notification is displayed at the bottom of the screen.
    • The corresponding dashcam is highlighted in your dashcam list (until clicking on it).
    • The Notification Log updates and the icon provides visual feedback indicating new notification.
  • After closing the application window, notifications will appear in the Windows system tray (menu bar).

Version 1.03:

  • Improved GPS tracking user interface.
  • Added Geo-fencing function:
    • Create and manage geo-fences. 
    • Receive geo-fence-related notifications on your phone.

Version 1.01:
This is the first official release of the BlackVue Viewer Pro.