Discover the BlackVue Ecosystem of Dashcams and Services

Wondering what BlackVue does?

BlackVue is first and foremost a dash​cam brand. However, BlackVue does more than designing and manufacturing dash​cams. 

Since its early days, BlackVue thrived to create the ultimate dashcam ecosystem encompassing hardware, software and accessories. 


BlackVue dash​cams are divided in three main categories: 

Then spanning those three categories you can find special-purpose models such as taxi dashcams with interior infrared rear camera (like DR750S-2CH IR) or models with a waterproof infrared rear camera for trucks and heavy vehicles (DR750S-2CH TRUCK). 


The range of BlackVue accessories started with Power Magic Pro–still a mainstay–originally created by BlackVue as a solution to prevent car battery drain during Parking Mode (early dashcams users would simply hardwire the dashcam to the battery). Now accessories are comprised of: 


Starting originally with a Windows Viewer program, BlackVue was the first company to develop a dedicated dashcam viewer for Mac OS computers. 

With the launch of the DR500GW in 2013, BlackVue introduced the BlackVue App for iOS and Android, to allow users to browse and download videos to their phone. 

Currently, the BlackVue software offering includes:

  • BlackVue Viewer (Windows / Mac OS X)
  • BlackVue Viewer Pro (Windows, for BlackVue Fleet Tracking)
  • BlackVue App (iOS / Android)


In 2015, BlackVue launched BlackVue Cloud, the first Cloud service for dashcam. Its free tier allows users to receive Push Notification alerts in case a connected dashcam senses an impact (useful in Parking Mode) and see Remote Live View footage from their BlackVue from anywhere, anytime with the BlackVue App. Later, BlackVue built upon its Cloud infrastructure a Fleet Tracking service to track multiple vehicles, back up videos remotely, set up geo-fences and receive related alerts. 

Check out the video above for an overview of the BlackVue Ecosystem.


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