Also compatible with BlackVue DR650GW-2CH TRUCK and DR650GW-2CH IR. WHAT’S NEW: Firmware compatible with the Cloud service – BlackVue Cloud. Refer to this table for a comparison with the Legacy Firmware. In this update (v2.011) : GPS Tracking improvements (Any Paid Cloud Plan)
    1. Polling rate increased for better accuracy (1 minute --> 15 seconds).
    2. Multiple usability improvements.
    3. Not supported by the BlackVue Mac Viewer.
※ Compatible software versions: BlackVue App: Android v2.91 / iOS v2.91 and up. BlackVue Viewer: Windows v2.08. v2.008: - System Stabilization. - DAB interference mitigation. ※ Note: this firmware does not support Rearview Kit (R-100). Please download the Rearview Kit-compatible firmware (v2.007) if needed. v2.007: Fix for potential Cloud connectivity issue. v2.006: Event Recording bug fix: when 1 or 2 of the 3-axis sensitivity settings (up-down, left-right, front-rear) were set to zero (no issue will all 3 parameters set to zero), Event recordings would occur repeatedly. v2.005: 1. Video quality improvement (including bitrate up to 10Mbps for the front camera on Highest quality setting). Note: this is actually higher than the Highest quality setting on the Legacy firmware (8Mbps). 2. Video quality settings added (Normal/High/Highest). 3. Expanded hotspot settings: you can now register up to 3 hotspots for your BlackVue to connect to the Cloud. When you change the time zone and save the setting, the next time you insert the microSD card into the dashcam it will format the microSD card.
Make sure to use the latest versions for the BlackVue Viewer and BlackVue App for full compatibility after a firmware update. Note 1: Even if you install this firmware, you will be able to install the Legacy firmware over it. Note 2: To check if your BlackVue DR650GW-2CH / 2CH TRUCK dashcam is compatible with BlackVue Cloud, refer to [link]. Note 3: This firmware is compatible with the new BlackVue app only, as well as the BlackVue Windows / Mac Viewer.

Windows / macOS