The Difference Having a Dashcam Can Make In a Car Wreck

A car wreck captured by a dashcam

YouTube user Jack-of-all-trades posted a video of a car wreck he was involved in recently. In the video (and as explained in the description under the video) we can see a white car hitting the BlackVue dashcam owner’s truck after swerving to avoid another car.

Same scenario, different outcome

But here’s the interesting part. Jack-of-all-trades mentions that he showed the footage to the police. As a result, the blue car’s owner (the one that pulled out without looking or stopping) had to pay for the damages to both him and the white car owner. But what if there was no dashcam to prove that the blue car’s owner was at fault? The YouTube user shows us the “without camera” scenario. In his own words: “White car hits my truck. He said someone pulled out and he swerved to miss them. Police has many questions. His insurance must fix my truck and his car.”

Luckily (for the white car’s owner!), Jack-of-all-trades’s truck was equipped in BlackVue DR650GW-2CH camera, which saved both of them a lot of troubles.

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