Didn’t Even Slow Down! Rear-end Accident #CaughtOnBlackVue

A dash cam is your silent eyewitness – with a dash cam installed in your car you can be sure you’ll capture the most important moments when it matters.

Rear-end hit

BlackVue user Derek sent us the videos recorded by his BlackVue DR750X-2CH Plus (front and rear camera recording in full HD). He was driving from his day trip to USA, back to Canada. After cars in his lane stopped, he slowed down and then stopped behind too.

The driver of the blue Mazda coming behind him didn’t stop though. It looked as if the driver didn’t even slow down and hit Derek’s car. The airbags deployed and the driver of the Mazda got out of her car, looking shaken but otherwise okay.

Accident aftermath

Derek, who felt fine immediately after the accident, developed back pain and headaches a couple of days later. He is still going to physiotherapy and waiting for his car to be repaired due to shortage of parts. Thankfully, he was provided a rental car in the meantime and the insurance took care of everything. The insurance agent took one look at the video to determine who was at fault, and to confirm that Derek couldn’t move forward in his lane.

Here are the photos showing the damage to both cars.

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