Detailed review of the new BlackVue DR900X-2CH By US Dash Camera

It hasn’t been long since we released an all new lineup of BlackVue dashcams, so many of you are probably looking for reviews online.

Today we have a detailed video review of the BlackVue DR900X-2CH model from a YouTube channel US Dash Camera.

Jon is a long-time BlackVue reviewer and on his channel you can find videos on many previous BlackVue models. This time he showcased the successor to the original BlackVue 4K UHD dashcam, the DR900X-2CH.

In the review, he takes a closer look on both the outside (hardware) and the inside (software) of the dashcam, mentioning the changed design and all the added features. He shows the differences between the old and new model and also introduces the LTE module, available as an option.

The video also goes over the Cloud features, which are not only an important part of the BlackVue experience, but for many users it’s the dashcam’s selling point.

How did the DR900X-2CH do in this review? Make sure to watch US Dash Camera’s video here or by clicking on the thumbnail above.

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