Detailed DR900S-2CH + Power Magic Pro Install In Mercedes CLA45

It’s been a while since we shared such a detailed installation video!

YouTube channel The Fitting Bay published a video titled “How To Fit A Blackvue Dash Cam In A CLA45 AMG” that is a true treasure to anyone who needs a reference when installing their BlackVue DR900S-2CH and Power Magic Pro!

BlackVue DR900S-2CH is our flagship dual channel 4K UHD dashcam, available for purchase here. Power Magic Pro (available here) is a Parking Mode hardwiring kit, which – if installed correctly -allows the dashcam to record even when the car is parked.

A very interesting thing about this installation is the fact that it was shot from the first person point of view – you  get the feeling of installing the dashcam itself, even while sitting in front of your computer/phone. 

This installation is a complete guide, including a short unboxing, all the necessary tools (and a few you don’t need ;-)), installation process of both the dashcam and hardwiring the Power Magic Pro, and a brief explanation of the BlackVue mobile app.

Watch the video by clicking the thumbnail above or click here.

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