Dealer Employees Joyriding a Customer’s Ford Mustang Caught On BlackVue

This story – that features a video footage recorded by a BlackVue dashcam – was published on major news/opinion site Jalopnik.

BlackVue user Suhail shared the footage with us. He went to a Ford Dealer in New Jersey to get the suspension pivot points reset and the car aligned. Little did he know that after the job was done, one of the Ford technicians decided to take Suhail’s Mustang for a spin.

Suhail got his car back at 5PM that day – three hours after the appointment. He was obviously interested to see why the repairs took so long – and that’s where the BlackVue DR750S-2CH (available here) he had installed in his vehicle came in handy. What he saw was shocking.

The video, which is over 16 minutes long, garnered more than 350,000 views in two weeks. And for a good reason – the tech took the Mustang for a true joyride, speeding over 70mph in a residential area.

After seeing the video, Suhail got in touch with the dealership. “Trying to work it out with the dealer,” he said, “They claim to have the reimbursement for clutch labor and clutch parts ready in addition to my original refund but they’re waiting on the release form from their attorney. I am waiting on them so I can review the form before signing.”

Read the whole story here on Jalopnik.

Watch the video by clicking here or the thumbnail above.


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