Dashcam Visit of Beautiful French Village with Christmas Display

Tiny French village outshines Champs-Elysées with Christmas display

Dashcam footage is not only about car crashes. Sometimes a dashcam can simply help you capture the beauty of this world! That’s just what YouTuber Neomax71 did here.
Although Christmas is over, a view like the one captured by BlackVue DR650GW-2CH in a small French village is worth sharing all year round! Every year the village of Salmanac located in the south of France lights up with hundreds of thousands of LED lights, becoming a hot tourist spot during the Christmas holidays!

Traveling hundreds of kilometers just to see it

Apparently some people decide to travel hundreds of kilometers just to see the breathtaking lights display. It draws quite a crowd – over 35,000 visitors. Not bad for a village with only 12 houses!

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