Dashcam – To Buy Or Not

We are living in a world where there is a long list of accessories that you can purchase for your car. These accessories can not only make your ride more enjoyable, but they can make you safer as you are driving on the highway or in a city.

That said, we want to focus on one specific accessory that is showing up in many cars on the road today. This accessory is a dash cam. You’ve likely seen car dash cams in everything, from your friend or family member’s car to your next Uber or Lyft vehicle. They are small cameras that are always recording, sometimes only the road in front of the vehicle, and sometimes both in front and rear.

Because car dash cams are so prominent today, we want to explore some of the reasons why you should purchase a dash cam – and if there are any reasons you shouldn’t. In the end, you will have a better understanding of both the pros and cons, allowing you to come to a more objective decision.

The Pros

One of the first arguments that emerges when debating a car dash cam purchase is whether you need to actually purchase a dash cam. The thinking goes that, “Yes, a front and rear dash cam would be something nice to have. But do I really need it? It’s not like anything will happen to me, will it?”

To answer this question, it is helpful to look at the facts. In the United States alone, for instance, around 4.4 million people are injured or disabled in car accidents every year. And although road traffic is “only” the eighth leading cause of death, it is the first cause of death among children and young adults (aged 5-29). Until self-driving cars dramatically decrease the accident rate on our roads, the simple fact of the matter is that there is a chance you could get into an auto accident. If that does occur, a front and rear dash cam can provide some vital evidence. It can provide the evidence for both your auto insurer and you, should you sue for damages or defend yourself against scammers.

Having a BlackVue dash cam installed lets you monitor your car 24/7

Ultimately, it is objective evidence that cannot be altered, making it a priceless asset after a potential accident. While we obviously don’t want to get into an accident when driving, a front and rear dash cam can be your silent backup.

Not only that, but a car dash cam can add another level of security to your vehicle. They can continue recording even if your car is not on, allowing you to capture criminals that may be trying to break into your vehicle. They can even capture parking lot hits, providing license plate information – shall the culprit not leave a note for you. Take BlackVue dash cams, for example. There are so many hit-and-runs caught on BlackVue dashcams in Parking Mode, but that’s not all! Leaving your car at the repair shop won’t be so nerve-wracking anymore. You can always keep an eye on your car thanks to the BlackVue Cloud and its Live View feature.

Are there any cons, then?

Along with potential use cases, opponents to car dash cam purchases also bring up the price. They argue that the initial cost isn’t worth the value you get from a car dash cam.

Dash cam is an investment

It is mostly a false assumption, though. Front and rear dash cams are an investment. Yes, there is an upfront cost, but that cost is often repaid at a later date. In fact, you could potentially save thousands (or tens of thousands) if you get into a serious accident. Not only that, but investing in a car dash cam gives you some peace of mind. This type of security is priceless, yet it is a real asset that you get by purchasing a car dash cam.

The Verdict

Car dash cams can go a long way to protect you, your fellow passengers, and your vehicle. There are plenty of uses for your front and rear dash cam. Above all, it is an investment in your safety, security, and financial future. Dash cam video footage can be extremely useful in getting compensated from your insurance company after an accident or even defending yourself from a potential lawsuit.

Dash cam can give you a peace of mind

Considering all of the above, we believe that a car dash cam is a great decision for many drivers. It offers a great mix of tangible and intangible benefits, whether you are on your daily commute or picking up your kids from school.

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