[Dashcam Install] BlackVue DR900S-2CH Perfectly Fitted in Tesla Model X

Australia-based Autofidelity specializes in retrofitting dashcams and accessories in high-end and luxury vehicles. In their latest video, Jarrod Shelley shows us how he installed the DR900S-2CH 4K dash​cam  in a Tesla Model X. 

With its huge windshield/rooftop hybrid going all the way above the driver’s seat, it can be tricky to run wires and do a clean install. 

That was no cause for concern to the experts at Autofidelity, though, as they ran the power and rear camera video cables through the center wire harness of the Model X. As a result, the wires are invisible from outside and inside. 

To complete that professional install, the rear camera cable was run through the grommets of the rear door, coming out right at the top edge of the rear windshield. 

Check out the Autofidelity website and YouTube channel.


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