Dashcam Footage of Motorcycle Accident Helps Paramedics

VIDEO WARNING: viewer discretion advised.

BlackVue user and YouTuber Vancouver DashCam Channel recently shared this video of a motorcycle accident.
It was caught in West Vancouver on his BlackVue DR650GW-2CH dashcam.
Note that the video features the collision of a motorcycle (with rider and passenger) and a SUV.
Although the video does not feature blood or gore, the violence of the impact is real, which is why we opted to issue a warning to viewers.
Fortunately, the bikers in the video are reportedly safe and sound (the accident occurred back in August).

The usefulness of a dashcam

We already knew that dashcam footage is extremely handy to determine who is at fault in an accident. And of course, this helps expedite insurance claims cases.
In this example, our dashcam owner kindly shared the video with both police and insurance company.

Establishing liability

The video did help determine who was at fault. In fact, at first glance it seems that the black SUV making a turn is at fault.
However, upon examining the video it can be established that the biker had actually run a red light. Without video proof, it is not hard to imagine this situation could have been a headache to solve for all parties involved.

Helping the rescue team

But perhaps even more interestingly, the video also helped the paramedics to the injuries of the riders and determining the appropriate care and treatment to administrate.

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