Dashcam Captures Car Park Hero Saving A Toddler

A terrifying scene was captured recently on a BlackVue dashcam in Brisbane, Australia.

BlackVue user Arren was in his car, ready to leave Albany Creek village car park when suddenly a shopping cart rolled past his vehicle. Sitting in the cart was a toddler.

Arren leapt out of his seat and rushed to the cart before it rolled further away, crashing into a parked car or worse – going onto the nearby road. He quickly delivered the baby back to the mother, who was putting her groceries away. Arren told 7News that the mother was completely shocked and didn’t even realize what happened at first. When she finally understood, she was in tears, thanking Arren profusely.

“The kid was all fine just a little shook up. Lucky I was there,” Arren said.

Indeed, we need more heroes like Arren in our everyday lives! The story was also covered by Daily Mail and posted on Arren’s personal Facebook. He also shared the BlackVue footage (DR750X-2CH Plus model available here), which registered the whole incident.

You never know what awaits you and your car, whether on the road or parked somewhere. To prepare for the unexpected, get your BlackVue dashcam today here.

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