Dash Cam Gift Guide For Christmas (2022 Edition)

It’s that time of the year again – time to figure out what gifts we should buy for which family member. To cut the long story short, we are here to help you – we prepared a very compact, very specific gift list for this year’s Christmas. Namely – a list of recommended dash cams depending on who you’re thinking of gifting them to. Let’s dive right in!

For your husband/wife/partner

This one is a no-brainer – BlackVue’s flagship 4K UHD Cloud dash cam is a fantastic gift option. In the dual-channel model, the front camera’s ultra-wide 162-degree angle takes full advantage of the 4K UHD resolution. The rear camera records in Full HD at a 139-degree angle with outstanding low-light sensitivity. Thanks to the DR900X Plus dash cam’s outstanding image quality, you can rest assured that the device will capture all the details, such as license plate numbers. Thanks to the Seamless Pairing, connecting to the BlackVue app is a breeze. Whether your spouse or partner wants to browse their dash cam’s files and settings or connect the dash cam to the Cloud, Seamless Pairing makes everything hassle-free.

For your parents

You can count on the sturdy and reliable BlackVue DR750X-2CH Plus to always have your parents. This dash cam model comes with front and rear cameras (both recording in full HD) with STARVIS™ sensors. The back-illuminated STARVIS image sensors produce clear details in both shadows and highlights thanks to high sensitivity and wide dynamic range. Thanks to the native Parking Mode and free BlackVue Cloud service, your mom or dad’s car will be protected even when they’re away – and they can check on their vehicle then, too.

For younger sibling who just got their first car

Getting to finally drive your first car is just as exciting as it is stressful, so having a peace of mind that you have evidence in case something happens is very important. This is especially true with young drivers. When an accident happens, they are usually first to be accused, easily blamed because of their lack of experience. A dash cam can save them from wrongful fault, like in this #CaughtOnBlackVue example. A good entry level dash cam is more than enough to capture the important details. BlackVue’s DR590X lineup includes simple single- and dual-channel Wi-Fi dash cams. The dash cams record in full HD (1080p) and feature Sony’s STARVIS™ image sensor in the front camera for better clarity in low light.

For the Uber-driving relative

It’s quite likely that you have one (or several) cousins that are Uber (or any other rideshare app) drivers. BlackVue has a range of dash cams optimized for rideshare/taxi vehicles, with the BlackVue DR750X-3CH Plus as the main model. These dash cams come with three cameras – front, rear and the internal IR camera to monitor the inside of the cabin. The variations include the DMS model (with Driver Monitoring Camera) and the Truck model (with an external rear camera).

For that one family member who already has a dash cam

Chances are you already followed our last year’s advice and bought dash cams for your loved ones, rendering the above list a bit void. Worry not, there’s a new fancy accessory in town – the BlackVue B-130X Ultra Battery. With 30h of recording on a single charge, this beast of a battery will make any BlackVue dash cam owner very happy. Here you can check what changed compared to the previous version of this battery..

And if you’d rather go with something less bulky – how about a microSD card? BlackVue offers various capacities of microSD cards specifically manufactured to withstand harsh conditions of being constantly overwritten. Not all microSD cards are created equal – but BlackVue microSD cards will make sure a dash cam owner doesn’t lose the footage in the most crucial moment.

All in all, a quality dash cam is a great gift no matter who you’re planning on giving it to. It’s a device that will last them for years to come and give them a peace of mind knowing that they always have a silent eyewitness ready to provide evidence in case anything happens.

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