Dash Cam Footage Stops Lawsuit #CaughtOnBlackVue

Being in a car crash is stressful enough – having dash cam footage can save you from additional headaches, such as dealing with insurance. Here’s Paul’s story!

Hit when exiting the highway

He and his wife were traveling from their home in Raleigh, North Carolina, to their son’s family’s house in Connecticut. They got off of I-95 to get some gas. The exit emptied into a circle with a yield sign, which they followed around to pass under the highway they were just on. Just as they were passing the entrance ramp to I-95 from the circle a vehicle that was passing them on the left decided to cut in front of them to attempt to get to the entrance ramp.

As a result, the white car hit Paul’s car and the curb. BlackVue user’s car was damaged significantly, but still drivable. The other car, however, was not drivable as they claimed they broke an axle as they hit the curb. Both parties about forty-five minutes for the Maryland State Trooper to arrive. He took information and statements from both drivers. The officer was sympathetic to their situation, but no ticket was issued to either party.

Lawsuit dropped

Paul reported the accident to his insurance company and believed he would have to cover the expenses of the repair from his own insurance, since no one was ticketed.

He told us: “During our conversations with our insurance adjuster we discovered that the driver of the other car hired a lawyer and developed a “stiff neck” and blamed the accident on us, preparing to sue. This really got my ire up, and it was only then that I realized the collision may have been caught on my BlackVue DR650GW-2CH-IR dashcam.”

The video confirmed that the other party was at fault. The video was sent to both insurance companies and just like that the case was declared “closed”. The other party’s insurance company was very eager to make sure Paul’s car was repaired properly and provided him with a rental care the entire time the car was in the shop for several thousands of dollars of repairs.

“BlackVue saved us our $500 deductible and the entanglement of a fraudulent lawsuit.” Paul added. “Our BlackVue more than paid for itself that day. Way to go, BlackVue! I won’t travel without one.”

Paul owns an older BlackVue dash cam model with an internal IR camera – a perfect choice for rideshare and taxi drivers.

Don’t wait until AFTER something happens. You never know what awaits you on the road. Get your dash cam today here.

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