Dash Cam Footage Shows Unsuccessful Car Theft Attempt #CaughtOnBlackVue

An attempted car theft was captured on a BlackVue dash cam� and even made the news!

Planned theft attempt

A BlackVue user who installed the BlackVue DR770X Box in his SUV sent us the footage recorded by his dash cam recently. In the captured footage we see a parking lot at night. A white Honda Civic stops nearby and a couple gets out. They check out the BlackVue user’s car, trying for the doors. Afterwards they leave, but they come back a mere three hours later.

Car owner outsmarts thieves

The couple proceeded to disable the alarm, and the woman broke the glass in one of the windows. What they didn not expect was that the SUV was armed with another, third party alarm with a kill switch. As the would-be-thieves continued, the car re-armed itself and the alarm blasted through the quiet night. The pair, panicked now, scrambled to get back to their car and leave the scene.

The car owner is certain that thanks to the BlackVue footage evidence the suspects will be eventually located. The video brought additional awareness regarding potential thieves in the area as it was broadcast in the local TV news.

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