Dash Cam Footage Disproves Eyewitnesses’ Statements #CaughtOnBlackVue

This BlackVue video is a perfect example on how much more reliable than human eyewitnesses dash cam footage can be in case of accidents.

Serious crash

This anonymous BlackVue user sent us the footage he captured on his full HD dash cam. In the video we can see a bike passing the dash cam owner’s car on the inside lane, which turns onto a freeway. Suddenly a white SUV turning across 3 lanes collided with it. The crash was pretty major and although the biker survived, they sustained serious injuries. The dash cam footage was sent to the police to assist with the investigation.

Dash cam helps estimate the speed

It was also used to accurately estimate the motorcyclist’s speed (46 meters in 2.34 seconds = 71 km/hr. The speed limit there was 70 km/hr). According to the BlackVue user, this estimate contradicted the other eyewitnesses, who had told police the motorcyclist was speeding excessively. Police were very appreciative of the video.

“Nothing beats a video and the ability to accurately measure speed.” BlackVue user told us and added: ” I was surprised how easy it was to download the videos to my phone and then upload them to the internet!”

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About #CaughtOnBlackVue

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