Dangerous Overtaking by a Trailer-Hauling Bus Captured on Dashcam

BlackboxMyCar shared a video submitted by a BlackVue customer. In the video we see a prime example of how not to drive – a reckless overtaking by a bus driver that could have ended badly if the BlackVue owner hadn’t moved to avoid the collision. Royal Canadian Mounted Police and Commercial Vehicle Safety and Enforcement were informed about the incident.

Here’s how the driver, whose BlackVue captured the situation, described it:

“First encounter with buddy was when I overtook him legally and safely when I found a very short bare patch of left lane just past the start on the Sea to Sky.
He had to have hauled ass to catch up when I slowed through Lion’s Bay but we both had to merge after. I did nothing out of the ordinary other than changing lanes in front of him just as he did. We both passed traffic in the left lane in the next passing zone, but I got way further ahead than he did. Two lanes turned into one again, and that’s where this video starts.
Note, I merely moved over to avoid a head-on collision with him and the oncoming driver(s) and not so much to let him pass like that.
I followed him for the next while and at the long uphill left sweeper past the Brittania Mining Museum, he gradually slowed down to a stop on the side for whatever reason and I drove by him slowly. And then I never saw him again.”

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